Wednesday, May 9, 2012

On a personal note - RX Drugs Kill Kids - Parents, TAKE ACTION

Did you know that my area - Orange County, CA we are #2 in the nation for accidental overdoses on RX drugs? Kids are getting in your cupboards and in their friends cupboards. We need to educate our YOUNG ones, and for me that is ages 12 and up.  Being this problem was in my household  in my late teens, with siblings and family, my kids had no choice but to hear from me since they were 6 years old on how these drugs - are not candy - and drugs destroy families.  This was to answer their questions on why their Uncle isn't present in their cousins lives, and when he is, why is he so strangely behaved? And who is this elusive Aunt they have never met? Why doesn't Grandpa come over when there are games? Birthdays? Holidays?
Jodi Barber puts up flyers at a Fatburger restaraunt 
in South Orange County, this poster displays many of
those that have lost their lives to OPIOID's

This is an open letter from me, Desiree Nelson, a mom in Orange County, California to our nation -- please take this entry in my blog as my sense of urgency in promoting a more proactive, natural preventative, and natural lifestyle - meaning find your cures in diet and exercise...and from the earth as directly as possible!  (When at all possible).  We need more Naturopaths to consult us than ER's, where most of these destructive drugs are prescribed.

To fellow neighbors and parents - clean out the RX in your cupboards and learn how to destroy and dispose of them properly.  Get on board with these amazing moms of teens that have died and who have stepped out with a documentary called "Overtaken" (soon to be in Newport Beach Film Contest): .  Watch the video at the end, and donate.  Host a party for your pre-teens and teach them young, FORGET WHAT THE MOM's THAT DON'T GET IT THINK!  Be involved in their precious lives daily,  more than when they were toddlers! Make the sacrifices necessary to do so, which I KNOW is so ANTI OC, right???  God forbid if we keep up with our kids lives, more than we pound the desktops and jobs to keep up with the Joneses!

On proper RX disposal, here is what my local City has on its website:

How should drugs be properly disposed?


Disposing of medications down the toilet or the drain harms the environment.  California pharmacists who once supported the method of drain disposal are now launching the "No Drugs Down the Drain" campaign, a public outreach program designed to educate residents about the problems associated with flushing unused, unwanted, and expired medications down the toilet or drain, and to provide safe and proper disposal choices.

The California Pharmacists Association, along with the California Poison Control System, offer simple steps for safe disposal: pharmaceuticals should be taken to a hazardous waste collection center or event; if no hazardous waste facilities or events exist in your area, medications should be sealed in a sturdy container and placed into a trash not accessible to children and pets. 

The general intention of my blog is to keep my friends in the Tea Industry abreast of industry trends and teachings.  But sometimes, there is more to life than work, so forgive this display of a passionate need to express my affinity for a natural products and living by telling a bit more as to why I love my industry and the Natural Product industry - I choose this path due to the pain of living with those who choose to mask pain with Drugs. I believe there is a better way, and pray we all will seek it out.  

I hope this helps you.

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