Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Munson Blenders, featuring Harney Teas and how to blend tea

So you have created a monster.  Your tea blends and masterful concoctions of herbs or tea are huge sellers, or have an opportunity to mass market.  But you only have two hands, require sleep, and you are already re-defining the term 'carpel tunnel syndrome'.

What is a passionate hands-on person like you to do?  GIVE UP CONTROL!  Keep the Artisan Teas for a premium price, but go big with a commercial type modification and borrow money from you Grandpa Louie to buy a warehouse with one of these bad boys!

Of course, you will need a QA team, and certifications galore, but hey - do your homework.  Either get a warehouse and go for it, using locally farmed and herbs - or find someone (ahem!) that has this type of capability to do it for you.

Happy viewing...tea blending...thought of the day!


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