Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Ingredient Hub and consulting

Ingredient Hub:  Desiree Nelson - Your Trusted Sourcing Partner:
My passion for tea, herbs, spices,  and the marketing and supplying of them has lead me to some more than interesting opportunities this year. I will announce them as soon as it is okay to.
I have managed to partner with some of the most respected tea and ingredients suppliers, as well as packaging companies in the U.S. and abroad.   I imagine this could only grow and get better.

What does this mean for your business?  
Relationships and integrity,  with your "tailored to suit" needs in mind ~ in ingredients AND packaging.  Small to large scalability- sourcing is about what YOU and your TIME.  I hope to save you that.  Send me your inquiries and let me work to solve your need > be it time, money, logistics, certifications,

Purpose:  INGREDIENT HUB: Matching my network of best partners in the tea/herb industry to match best tea business with client: per project or brand as a whole.  Collaborating domestically and globally. Using my knowledge and partnerships to best serve the client.

About Me :  Industry expert since 2002. You have a brand, need, or tea product or concept and I have the industry solutions.  I facilitate your brand (or generic / spot item)  to partner with the best fit for your concept in the industry. From competitive bidding on single origin ingredients as a spot purchase or contract, to R&D of a new line in bulk or bottled RTD, iced tea formulation to packaging, blending in smaller 50 lb quantities to 500 lbs plus... I will match you with the best supplier for all of your needs.    From pricing, logistics, to quality – there is a best fit for you, or a possibly a few.  Competitive bidding on pallet to container quantities – just shoot me an email.

Intimate knowledge of industry’s best: Iced teas, single origin sourcing of loose teas or tea bag cut, herbs, formulation, R&D, Single Serve cup formulation and packaging, ingredient sourcing, innovative packing in tins, packaging of tea bags ALL TYPES and sizes, pyramid bags, iced tea cello and filter bags, blending of teas, RTD bases and components.  STI Certified highest Level: Industry Specialist since 2002.  Partnering with the best in the Industry to bring you best products and pricing in ALL things tea and herbs.

Specializing in all things tea: bulk & container purchasing and management, R&D of new blends all types, packing of food service iced teas, all the way to development of single serve blends. By the case, pallet, container. Custom Formulation and R&D.        I can help you find partners and suppliers that have their finger on their pulse on the industry and excellent garden supplier relationships. Matching needs in best practices and QC Compliance, Kosher, Organic, Fair Trade, ISO 9001, HACCP, GMP, and SQF.

One Stop contact / Time  and Money saving:  Starting with the most important needs and backing in to the solve, I can help build sales for my partners as well as solve the needs of the client, be it short or long term > by contacting me as one source vs. several – thereby saving them time.  These needs may be: timing, logistics, spot fill, new project, competitive bidding, etc.  My partnerships are direct and pricing is same as direct. For the cases of rare, obscure or short ingredients that are outside my 10+ vendors, I will search and find for you outside my group for an upcharge to my find (brokering for you).

In conclusion:  Sending one email or call to me is the ultimate goal I would want my client to feel they need to do in order to find, solve, or collect on to solve their tea and herb needs of/by the industry’s best.  I will do the timely finding of all options for them.

Desiree Nelson
teaconsultantd@gmail.com              /           http://desntea.blogspot.com/

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