Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tea Master of Business Administration (TMBA) Senior Seminar


I am very interested in seeing when this will be available in English!

Tea Master of Business Administration (TMBA) Senior Seminar
Course 1: Strategic Management Tea
Tea industry, the concept of strategic management and market analysis
Corporate strategy developed and implemented diagnostic
Innovation and integration of resources
Course II: Marketing Management Tea
Based on the core competitiveness of enterprises under the marketing concept
Tea brand strategy and brand management
Trademark registration and protection
Market development and marketing of tea
Consumer behavior research
Sales channel management
Course 3: Tea industry of network marketing
E-commerce marketing
Search engine
Blog and video
Public relations and event marketing network
Classic case study of integrated marketing
Course Four: Financial Management
Financial Statement Analysis and Applications
Enterprise fund operations and financial management
Modern enterprise cost management and cost control
Course Five: Investment and financing
Investment and Business Plan
Private equity and financing
Investment and financing decisions
Investment and Financing Case Study
Course VI: tea quality and production operation management
Analysis of tea cultivation, production, product
Modern concept of tea cultivation technology products (all kinds of tea cultivation and production, site selection and scientific R & D)
Modern technology and new techniques of tea
Product R & D management
Tea quality control system
Course Seven: Tea Industry Logistics and Supply Chain Management Operations
Logistics supply system construction
Supply chain management approach, application and development trend
The operation of supply chain management process and management tools
Course Eight: tea shops chain
The basic theory of chain
Chain management system of the building
Chain of promotion management
Chain management and logistics management
Chain of financial management
Chain of Personnel Management
Course Nine: Leadership Science and Art
Leadership and leadership methods and techniques
Leadership qualities and leadership power
Leadership and Execution
Course X: Human Resources Development and Management
Human resource management direction
How to build a personnel system
On the application of assessment concepts and assessment methods
Course XI: International Business and Commercial Law
Business Etiquette
Scene management and successful communication
Business negotiation skills
Economic laws and regulations
Course XII: tea and tea culture school
Cultural history of Chinese tea, tea, tea sets and collectors of knowledge
International Tea Culture
Tea-based theory of spatial design
Tea packaging and display industry
Tea Zen enlightenment
Value-added courses
Bo Road, auditorium, business salon

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