Friday, February 25, 2011

Microbrewery Beer and Tea

Image provided by The Science of Beer,

I know that Yardhouse here in Southern California does an excellent job in food, spirits, beer of course, and well - they even serve a decent flavored loose tea of all places. Restaurateurs should know they are one to follow.

But one little topic keeps coming up in my full-frontal-tea-nerdy association circles. And that is Microbrew Beer.
Now my job gets more interesting because microbrewery beers are everywhere and at shows I am at. And these guys are cool in a whole different elemental way, you know? When I am around them, I get the entrepreneurial itch to open an organic sausage stand and serve micro brews in true granola-like fashion, best I could conjure of course. question of the day is, being that my associates are selling hibiscus, rosehips, and chamomile to microbreweries, what kind of beer is that? I can't wait to find out! Hibiscus beer brewer? Here I come to hunt you down and find you in your mad lab of herbal concoctions! Although my favorite may well always be Mateveza ( Yerba Mate and beer ) - this light weight will enjoy taking her time scoping the scene and sampling a bit here and there along the way.

Interesting beer reads:

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