Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tea in 2010, My Inside Industry View

Growth in Segments

2010 was predicted successfully by yours truly to be one of continued growth, opportunity, and success. Glad to be right.

I see even more opportunity for growth and continued growth in 2011, especially in the coffee roaster and coffee business segments, as their b2b and direct consumers demand more quality, education, and diversity in tea selections - as well as a call offer something to the ever growing -non caffeine crowd.
I have heard that "non caffeinated crowd" or herbal tea growth to be anywhere between 30 and 40 % of the tea market. That is good size. I had always thought it to be ironic, when I owned my tea chain and wholesale line, that Rooibos and Herbal (non-caffeinated) teas were always outselling the camellia sinensis leaves in bulk and hot teas, just not in the iced -although the iced herbals were growing and catching up too.

I see the caffeinated herbal - Yerba Mate - to continue to grow in blend selections in 2011. While Green and White teas continue to be of solid interest as well as Organic in these and all segments as well. Black Tea continues to take the cake, especially in the RTD and iced tea sales of course in the U.S.

Tea Blends continue to grow and be a great opportunity for Coffee Companies to step up their game. Fruits, flowers, and value additions- the key anything that will help you spin your marketing chant is all good. Be it super fruit teas with flavor and function, energy or sleepy time. Chai's continue to be solid and strong - although uniquely signature to each company most times. Peach, tropical, and chocolate dominate - as does a bit of coconut as well. These fancy ingredients and enhancements are found in all of the teas - herbal, regular, and often even in Organic - and progressively so. These influences are usually kept up on by walking a Fancy Food show. Speaking of Organics - QTrade made a huge leap to go with mostly all natural flavors in 2010 - to keep with and push for as natural as possible.

I continue to see Coffee Roasters seek new blends and to further the growth of better tea's and specialty blends. In hot tea, fuso or pyramids, and/or iced as well.

My prediction in 2011 for growth in the tea realm? More and more tea powders and mixes. You name it, they will mix it and offer it in more and more stick packs, bulk, and cans. Iced teas will continue to get better, and healthier - fresh brews, more selection, higher quality at a higher price point, and diversity - AMEN.

More later this week...Iced Teas and options, Fuso and pyramid, consultants, classes, container sourcing of tea and key ingredients such as Goji Berries, reported increase in pricing in all teas and herbs.



  1. A most interesting read...your blog.

    I'm a sustainable herb farmer. Wife, mother, grandmother, sibling, and all around advocate for more and better healthy all areas of our lives.( Sage Hill Farms) Specializes in herbal seasoning, blended teas and herbal tisanes.

    To date our own blend of Chai has been among the top 3 sellers for us. With hints of orange and a strong anise header, it becomes the perfect soothing cup for any celebration.

    Lots of changes in the millworks for us as a business in the coming new year...adding to, taking away, and looking forward to learning from...and sharing with you.

    Have the most Joyful holiday season~

    Bea Rigsby-Kunz
    Sage Hill Farms

  2. Hi Bea, that is so quite a coincidence, as I have been reading your posts on Link'd in. I am naturally drawn to farming - especially organic.

    Do you mass produce any herbs we should know about and are organically certified? for your reply.

    I wish you all the best! Hope to run in to you soon! Keep me posted!

    QTrade Teas and Herbs