Wednesday, April 21, 2010

SCAA Short and Sweet - "No Caf" and Reusable Cups are my Trend Pick

After attending the SCAA show this past weekend, other than the Bob Marley Coffee booth and reggae tunes, the items that stood out to me are Teeccino and the re-useable cups.

Teeccinno is definately my new favorite product, although this company is not "new" at all. If you enjoy tea and coffee, but need a "no caf" option, like I do right now, check this product out in your local health food market or here is the link - . Very nice family owned and operated company, that is what I am about and I think we will see the future to be more and more about.

Another cool item is all of the re-useable mugs and cups. I like the one I got for free that is customizable, email me for the info.
There was another fun gifty porcelain one there too- which I would give to someone else, but I know my would inevitably SMASH....yikes.

That is my SCAA short and sweet 2cents worth.

:) D

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