Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What Suits Martha to a Tea?

What Tea or Herb or Blend do you think "Suits Martha Stewart?"....name it, tweet it, describe it well! The more descriptive and creative, the better chance you have to win!

One winner per week a pound of Organic Passionfruit Tea or Herbal Chai. Winners tweeted every Saturday for March.
Only 3 entries per person. Please tweet your tea and mention "@DesNtea Suits Martha to a Tea".
No need to be a current client of QTrade, and NO, my co-workers can't win (sorry Marissa).

You can reply here to and tweet from here if you need lots of space!

COOL, this will be fun....Cheers!



  1. O.K. Martha Stewart Tea would have to be "smart" but not sophisticated. Strong but not harsh. It would have to be very unique, and "multi-dimensional".
    Be back for more. Our Home Tea.

  2. post here....enter here, we can track all ideas easily!

  3. Hanswold, can you break down what the blend would be? Then tweet it? Thanks!