Sunday, January 3, 2010

Designer Tea is nothing to Blink at...

Blink Bonnie: A visually stunning hand-twisted tea consisting of 1-2 inch "spears" of green, cinnamon-colored and white leaves. The infusion is curly and very colorful, the liquor light and attractive with medium body. [Item#: A10001 | Origin: Sri Lanka | Fair Trade | Bio-Dynamic | Color: Green | Case Weight: 25.0 Kg / 55.50 Lb]
Tea: Blink Bonnie - Organic, Bio Dynamic, Fair Trade, Green Tea
Origin: Indulashinna, Sri Lanka
Steep time: 5 Minutes
Temperature: 200 degrees
Where to buy: The Tea Spot
Certifications: Demeter, QAI, Kosher, Fair Trade
Music to cup with this tea: Indigo Girls: Closer to Fine
Cheese to pair with: Gruyere Swiss
Very limited Qty

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